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Asana Review: Best Features and Project Management Tools Alternatives

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Project management tools are one of the most efficient ways to organize businesses of any kind, from solopreneur to large enterprises, especially if you are managing a team or multiple teams of people altogether. One of the most difficult tasks for those who are running a business is the completion of a task, a milestone, or a project before a specific deadline.

In this Asana Review, you'll learn that this can only happen effectively if the team is working in a sequential manner and you can create projects, communicate and assign work to team-mates on one platform.

Asana project management software is one of the most flexible project management tools among its competitors. This is why we decided to come up with this full Asana Review, so you can learn a bit more about how Asana project management works!

If you are looking for a project management software tool for your business, this Asana Review will surely help you out.

Let's start!

What is Asana?

Asana is a task management tool that offers flexibility for team-based project management by keeping the track of individual tasks and project progress.

With the help of the Asana project management tool, you can manage your projects and see the whole progress of your assigned tasks that need to be completed.

It's the ideal Task Management Program to handle your Entire Team, Ongoing Projects, Long-Term Projects, and Repetitive Tasks.

From a basic project to a complex project, and from a private project to a team project, Asana has everything you need to handle all the operations.

Asana gives you the complete track of project progress by keeping an eye on the status of workload. It gives you an indication about whether the assigned task is on track, off track, or at risk.

Asana customizes your workflow by giving you the whole picture of product development and spotting errors. Asana app is one of the best collaborative apps with better templates and new features that will be described down below.

Asana Features Overview

In this section of our honest Asana Review, we will be talking about what’s new in Asana?

Since the creation of the Asana Project Management App, multiple upgrades have been made and numerous new features have been introduced by the creators that help with offer automation and more efficient task management. Enlisted below are the major features of improved work management.

Asana, especially with its premium plans, includes a lot of functionalities to help project managers and business owners to manage their sales team and strategic initiatives, take care of every step of their product launches, keep projects on track, and easily reach the company objectives on time!

Here are some of the Asana most loved key features:

  • User Permissions
  • Custom Templates
  • File Sharing
  • File Storage
  • Notification Settings
  • Recurrent Tasks
  • Agile Project Management

asana review

Asana for Project Management

Asana management tool is one of the best-designed management tools with a clean roll-out and timeline. It has an individual task list and subtask assignments that can be seen clearly on a customized dashboard. There is a desktop app for both MacOS and Windows so that you can see the progress and status of individual tasks.

Asana Task Manager

The task manager of Asana is easy to navigate due to the clean layout of the Asana app. It gives you a complete overview of tasks and sub-tasks assigned to each team member, their status, and specified deadlines. This makes you see all the milestones that a single project has to go through.

Asana Calendar

Asana's calendar gives you a complete overview of all the tasks and projects that are due on your list. You can keep a check on how to carry a single project and view teamwork in a single calendar.

Asana Time Tracking

Asana has collaborated with clockify so that you can keep a track of all the time that your team members spend on a task. You can create detailed timesheets that help you learn better about budgeting, billing, payrolls, etc.

Asana Desktop and Asana Mobile App (Windows and Mac)

Asana desktop and mobile apps have offered an easy way to keep an eye on the projects that are in process. You simply have to download the Asana Project Management app and log in to your purchased version of Asana so that you can see the progress of each project.

Asana app is available for Android on Google Play Store and IOS, allowing you to work anytime and from anywhere by keeping your teams organized even during remote work.

Asana Pricing Plans

If we talk about Asana Pricing plans then you will be pleased to hear that there are four different packages that you can choose from. These packages depend upon the data plans, number of team members, and personalized features.

·  Asana Basic Plan - FREE

The basic Asana Free Plan is perfect for those who are just starting because even though project management includes unlimited tasks, projects, messages, and activity logs but it allows collaboration of up to 15 members.

The Asana free version is perfect if you are a newbie and you want to try the project management tools for free. It comes packed with task management, team communication, and other basic features.

·  Asana Premium Package - $13.49

Asana premium is perfect for those who are running their small businesses previously but need a better project management tool that is packed with rich features. It includes all the features of the Asana basic version, plus additional features like unlimited project reporting, free guest, and much more.

Though if you pay annually it will only cost you $10.99 per month.

·  Asana Business- $30.49

This package is for companies and teams who have higher workloads and want to work across initiatives. It includes all the premium features along with portfolios, goals, custom rule builders, and advanced integrations.

Just like Asana premium you can purchase it at a discounted price of $24.99 if billed annually.

·  Asana Enterprise Plan

In order to get additional support, control, security, and personalized settings you can contact the company to create a custom enterprise subscription pricing.

Here you can check better and compare all the Asana Pricing Plans.

Asana Project Management Pros and Cons

Now it's time to summarize everything we talked about in this Asana Review and highlight the pros and cons of this tool!


Asana Pros:

  • Asana offers complete automation with work management.
  • It organizes the project amid team and makes the goals more clear.
  • You get the project done before the deadline and can see the status of each task.
  • Has a feature-rich free version.
  • A wide range of integrations with the leading software

Asana Cons:

  • Asana may be difficult to operate if you are using a project management tool for the first time.
  • You are unable to assign a single task to multiple people.

Asana Best Alternatives

Asana is without a doubt one of the leaders in the project management tools market nowadays.

Is a very established company with a large user base and a solid team behind.

However, some people still find the Asana dashboard confusing and overwhelming, with too many functionalities that they don't need.

The learning curve can be daunting and many people struggle to understand how to use it.

Moreover, the pricing plans can be too expensive for solopreneurs and small business owners.

For these reasons, a lot of people just like you, are looking every day on Google for the best Asana alternatives out there.

So here we go with the most interesting Project Management Software you can dream of!

Our best recommendations for Asana alternatives for project management include:

NiftyPM is what we personally use to manage our internal operations here at MyAppVisor.com

Bloo is the simplest and easier to use project management software on the market.

Agiled is the best all-in-one solution if you want to manage all your business operations under one roof.

FreeAgent CRM is the most complete and advanced Project Management Tool + CRM and Sales Marketing Software.

ClickUp, Infinity, and SuiteDash are the most similar to Asana in terms of functionalities and UI/UX

Asana Review Conclusion

Now that you have come to the end of the Asana Review, you must be very clear about the rich features of this project management tool. Asana has come up with numerous upgrades in terms of team-based work and project management.

It has a broader spectrum and versatile workflow so that you can’t question its capability. 

The only issue is that too many people found it overcomplicated and are looking for a more user-friendly and modern solution. If you are on this page, I suggest you check our Asana Alternatives and try yourself for a few days before deciding which one is the best Project Management Software for you!

Alternative Software

Asana Reviews

Good Software!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 19, 2021

We are using Asana since 2016.

Undoubtedly it's one of the most solid platforms for Project Management on the market.

But it's really overwhelming sometimes, so I'm trying to figure out if I can find any better fit to manage my team and projects.


Asana Reviews

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Easy to use for everyone
Many features
Robust platform
Established company
Outstanding support
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