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Convesio Review: Pros & Cons, Pricing, and Detailed Features Guide!

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Perfect for a fast-loading site
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Provides MySql servers
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Often neglected, website hosting is the core part of a site. If you select a random hosting service, your site can go down at any time. Before that, it will even be vulnerable to security threats. Yet no worries – there are some incredibly reliable hostings at reasonable prices in the market today.

A hosting service always has a pivotal role in the success of any site. A fast and secure hosting not only provides a good user experience on-site but also positively impacts the SEO of your site.

Meantime, a website hosting service, Convesio, is rapidly gaining fame as the best hosting for WordPress sites for its high speed. If you have a WordPress site and are looking for a good host, this hosting service might just be the perfect choice for you.

In this detailed Convesio review, we will let you know about the features, pros and cons, pricing, and all those qualities that make this web hosting service so perfect.

So, without any fluff... Let's dive in!

What is Convesio?

Founded in 2018, Convesio is a web hosting service. It was designed to assist the agencies and enterprises in a way that could ease their hosting issues. With this clear vision, Covesio is well known today for its scalability and high performance. It has a very powerful in-built system that reduces the chance that your site will ever go down. It's compatible with all the latest operating systems and browsers.

Convesio is a next-generation WordPress hosting service.

Likewise, it has a wide range of very smart features that you will love. It offers a variety of security features, which are very advanced and so are well-maintained. To use advanced technology, Convesio has made grassroots developments. You will no longer have to face the complexity of traditional cloud providers. There are many more advanced features with this web hosting that you can use without any expert technical knowledge.

So, let's jump in and learn all Convesio features!

convesio review

Overview Of Convesio Features

Convesio has a range of features to assist you in your online presence. It has so many diverse options to be utilized. Let's dive in and learn all the features of Convesio one by one:


Convesio has an auto-scaling feature that will manage all the ups and downs in traffic of your site. When the number of visitors increases, it auto-deploys the necessary containers to handle all the increasing visitors. Similarly, when the load decreases, all the additional containers are taken down. It reduces load times of the system and helps you avoid any downtime.

Brisk Pace Caching

Clearing the cache drastically improves the performance of a site. Convesio has a custom-built caching system that is server-level. When a surfer loads any page of your site, the load-balancer containers handle it and remove performance issues. The surfer, most of the time, doesn't make it to the single container of your site. This custom-made caching feature helps in the optimization of site speed scores.

Well-Built Security System

Your site seems to be very safe when it comes to the security and monitoring of Convesio. That said, the WordPress sites have consistently been targeted by hackers, but this might not be the case here. Convesio claims to have a complete security suite. Unlike the shared hosting of any other hosting platform, every site on this platform uses its own isolated docker container. A cyber security expert team manages the overall security. Patchman and other security tools ensure the safety of the system at any time. Further, these systems and features enhance the rest of the security:

  • HTTP and HTTPS Enforcement
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Free Daily Backup (Automatic Backups)
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 Active Operations Teams

Optimized Page Speed

Google values fast-loading sites on the basis of loading time and ranks them higher in their SERPs. Convesio's page caching system combined with database clusters and parallel database query processing improves the speed by miles. In general, Convesio's speed optimization services have a special focus on the optimization of page loading speed.

These are the key advantages of Convesio's page loading optimizations:

  • Javascript Optimization
  • CSS Optimization
  • Global CDN
  • Image Optimization
  • Lazy Loading
  • Compression
  • Minification
  • Deferral of Resources
  • Testing and Basic QA

Easy-to-Use – Beginner Friendly

You don't necessarily have to be a tech-savvy guy to use Convesio. It was built on purpose to make everything easy and smooth for busy agencies and enterprises. This hosting solution is completely beginner-friendly and doesn't require coding every time. You can deploy and use the famous content management system, WordPress, easily right from its dashboard. The easy-to-use interface and control panel indicate the ease and convenience that Convesio offers.

On the dashboard, you can access many important metrics, examples being:

  • Cluster Load
  • Web Containers
  • Disk Usage
  • Traffic By Countries
  • Status of Load Balancer

Incredible Uptime

Serves go down, and suddenly you face minutes of server downtime. Has it happened to you? It's always a very bad impression on your site. This is why switching to Convesio might be the best decision. Convesio utilizes load balancing containers to handle the excessive load in the traffic. That's why the high-performance servers of Convesio never seem to go down. The sites on this platform have always claimed to remain online.

Expert support

You might not enjoy this type of support with any other hosting services from competitor hosting companies. Convesio support expert team is very responsive. You will receive the assistance within some minutes of making a contact. It's excellent, 24/7 customer service. They are friendly and easy to communicate with.

Convesio Platforms Overview! 

  • Enterprise 

We have to discuss a lot about the Enterprise platform, simply because Convesio's Enterprise platform is such a bliss. Let's see why this platform is so appreciable:

  1. The affordability of this platform is at its peak. Unlike other platforms, it is extremely economical.
  2. The high-end security keeps your website safe from hackers. It instantly detects any kind of harmful or unusual activity.
  3. The speed is just wow. This kind of speed can be complimentary to competitors.
  4. The platform is extraordinarily simple. By using this single platform, you can handle personal blogs as well as high-traffic websites.
  • WooComerece 

The WooCommerce platform of Convesio comes with a lot of mind-blowing features. Let's dig into their details:

  1. It has a great loading speed. The speed remains the same during events like Black Friday.
  2. You can save much of your time by using this. Because auto-scaling can be set up within a minute. There is no need for SysAdmin.
  3. It is able to handle enough orders at one time because it is cash-proof.
  4. It comes with a high transaction volume, so you can easily run a Woocommerce store.
  • Startups 

The startup platform also comes with a lot of features. Let's see what they are:

  1. It has high performance because they affiliate websites with Google Cloud.
  2. You will get customer support 24/7. Immediately, you will get answers to your queries.
  3. It comes with a Docker-based solution as there are 9 containers for WordPress.
  4. It is equipped with true-auto scaling. This feature is for handling maximum traffic.
  5. The user-friendly interface is helpful for newbies.

convesio review

WooCommerce Hosting – Convesio

Convesio was built with the purpose to provide online shops with hosting that doesn't shut down on traffic spikes. This popular Hosting Provider offers scalable hosting with exclusive features such as automatic scaling, knowledge base, spam protection, and extra storage space and provides an essential support package.

This is what it has been successfully doing over the years. To handle surges in heavy traffic, it auto deploys containers that ensure absolutely no downtime. Such features help sites on Convesio to stay online around the clock. Your WooCommerce store will remain online despite unpredictable spikes or increases in traffic. It is equipped with the feature to process multiple orders per second.

The following are a few more features of this hosting for WoCommerce stores:

  • Consistently Fast
  • Cash-Proof
  • Auto Healing
  • Black Friday-Proof

Who Convesio is For? – Convesio Review

Convesio WordPress hosting service is designed to reduce tech complicity. This hosting service is beginner-friendly. It's for design and digital marketing agencies, enterprises, developers, etc... to assist them in every aspect of hosting.

An experienced team of marketing experts, people who run Google Ads Campaigns, and website owners with huge traffic, will surely love Convesio for their speed optimization perks because it will help them to boost the organic traffic on their websites and the conversion rate on their online stores and landing pages.

Convesio Review: Pricing Plans

It has 4 pricing plans, including a free trial. It's a managed hosting service, not shared hosting. Therefore, the prices might be slightly higher.

The pricing plans of Convesio are:

  • Foundation Plan
  • Growth Plan
  • Performance Plan
  • Agency Plan
  • 30-day free trial

Foundation Plan

It costs $50 a month. With this plan, you can attach 1 domain and host a website with visitors up to 10k per month. This hosting plan is suitable for growing sites. Under this plan, your site will receive a 5GB storage, 512GB memory, 4 PHP workers, 1 vCPU/single thread, and more.

Growth Plan

This hosting package is the best one for high-traffic websites. It costs $150 per month. The visitors limit per month is 50k. With this plan, your site will get 10Gb storage, 1GB memory, 8 PHP workers, 2 vCPU/single thread, and more.

Performance Plan

This one is highly recommended for e-commerce stores. You pay $1,000 for this plan per month. With this plan, you can host a website with visitors up to 150k per month. Your site will have 10GB storage, 2GB memory, 16 PHP workers, 4 vCPU/single thread, and more.

Agency Plan

Costing $1,600 a month, the plan is believed to be the ultimate solution for agencies. With this plan, you can host multiple domains with a customized traffic limit. This plan offers customized memory limits, custom-made CPU limits, personalized workers limits, and more. With this plan, you will have access to professional services such as actively managed security, excellent performance optimization service, advanced security analysis, and many more.

convesio review

Convesio Review – is it legit or a scam?

Since Convesio is pretty new on the market, some people are wondering if they are a legit company.

Well, Convesio is a web hosting service already used by some big names in the industry. It has been featured on Gravity, WpMail, Astra, Uplift, Wefunder, and many more platforms. In our research, the service proved to be a trusted and legit hosting service. That said, every service has some pros and cons.

Let's learn the pros and cons of this hosting:


  • Incredible Speed: Loads pages of your site at a brisk pace, which is highly recommended by Google. It's a great service for you if you want to have a fast-loading site.
  • 100% Uptime - Automatic Scaling: Auto deploys containers to deal with excessive traffic load that helps it to maintain unshakable uptime. Convesio will deploy new containers automatically if your site experiences a traffic surge.
  • Powerful Security Features: Maintains high-standard security of your site and offers malware cleanup features. Its system is too strong to get attacked by hackers. It serves as a complete security suite.
  • MySql Servers: Powers all its sites with MySql servers that improve the scalability and uptime of the sites.
  • Convenience: Lets you automate your WordPress installation and manage it with utmost convenience. In addition, you can easily move from any other host to Convesio in a convenient manner. Whereas, you will not be charged for this.


  • Expensive: It has a bit more expensive plans than its competitors. However, the price is absolutely justifiable with all these amazing features.


Is Convesio the best WordPress hosting?

We can say that because it offers some incredible features like auto-scaling and in-built caching that are hardly found at any of its competitors. In addition to that, it integrates with other applications such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and WooCommerce.

Is Convesio a dependable managed WordPress hosting?

Absolutely yes. Convesio is a dependable managed WordPress hosting. It's a very reliable service when it comes to speed, scalability, and uptime.

Does Convesio hosting offer a free trial?

You are offered a 30-day free trial. No credit card information is required for it.

Final Thoughts  

At first, it might seem as if this hosting setup is expensive, but it's totally worth its price with these super amazing features. If you're thinking about hosting for an e-commerce store or a high-traffic site, the low-cost shared hosting might not be powerful enough for that.

You might experience a decrease in organic traffic, a drop in conversion rates and lose some money.

If you went through this Convesio review from the beginning to the end, you've got it: this hosting service looks very promising! More importantly, it's a next-generation hosting service that has adopted all the latest technologies to provide you with a first-class service to grow your online business.

You can start immediately with their free plan and get your feelings from the inside.

When you feel it's the right time for you, go for their premium plan and you will not be disappointed!

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Perfect for a fast-loading site
High-standard security
Easy WP managing
Provides MySql servers
Automatic scaling
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