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Deskera Review 2022: Pros & Cons, Pricing, and Detailed Features Guide

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Overall Rating: 4.8


Fully integrated and compliant
Robust reporting features
Efficient inventory management
Protection of the stored data
Effective transaction management
Simplification of decision-making


Precipitous learning curve
Inadequate customer services
Difficulties to sync with manufacturing data


Ease of Use




The biggest challenge that most organizations face while running their businesses is the selection of adequate software. The better the choice of software, the more successful the business would be. There is a wide range of software packages out there. Therefore, if you are planning to set up a new business or looking for an all-in-one ERP software for overcoming your business problems then here is the solution!

Deskera is one of the leading ERP software that is trusted by the majority of experts within the online market and provides great customer service and an intelligible user interface. It is an all-in-one solution to your problems and can guarantee increasing sales and revenues through improved business operations.

Suitable ERP software is a necessary part of all businesses. This tool for Business Owners not only enables to unify the various departments of businesses but also saves time and resources by automating various tasks, offering maximum possibilities and a complete solution. For knowing more about Deskera, this review will give you detailed information about its features, pros, cons, reviews, and pricing plans.

So, let’s go ahead with a quick overview!

What is Deskera?

Deskera is an all-in-one ERP software or business tool for operating a wide variety of functions including accounting, CRM, payroll, bank ledgers, email invoices, duplicate invoices, the integration for bank feed, and many more. It is an online accounting tool and one of the best business management tools that simplifies the process of automation for fulfilling customer needs and handling a wide customer base.

It serves various industries including manufacturing, distributing, building, trading, construction, and engineering. The software fulfills the needs of all sizes of businesses in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and the USA. It is suitable for the workflow of different types of companies and inspires both technical and casual users, being a perfect helper with business financials due to its efficient solution for accounting and depth of features.

deskera books

Products offered by Deskera

The products offered by Deskera include books, sales, and people.

  • Books: Deskera Books enables you to generate invoices, track expenses, manage charts of accounts and online collection, obtain a real-time view of inventory, and manage financial reports. The other functions of Deskera Books are shown below.
  • CRM: It allows you to manage different stages of deals, pipelines, roles, sales offer contracts, dashboards, email campaigns, customer support, and much more. The other functions of Deskera CRM are as below.
  • People: It helps you to manage the payroll, payslips, leaves, professional invoices,  and claims of employees. The other functions of the Deskera people are as follows:

Key Features Of Deskera

The advanced features of Deskera are:

  • Sales: This feature allows you to concentrate on customer preferences and ensure that they are provided with all relevant information. The increasing Product sales through this feature helps to generate increased revenue.
  • Managing contacts: This feature helps to save all relevant details and schedules for the enterprise’s advocacy for growing the business. This feature also allows sharing the leads with other team members.
  • Engaging customers: This feature is part of the customer relationship management feature and is responsible for tracking customer engagement and customer info initiating from generating leads to placing orders. It offers built-in templates, generates a pipeline, and drags as the lead advances within the system.
  • Managing campaigns: Deskera offers a thorough and supportive procedure for segmenting the customers. All you have to do is select a suitable built-in template, publish it, and then share it with probable customers. You don’t have to do extra efforts if Deskera is here for you.
  • Payroll: The payroll management feature helps in generating and managing payroll and payslips. Moreover, it also allows employees of your business to apply for leave, and view and submit payslips and claims.  This accounting feature is just wow.
  • Managing expenses: This feature allows users to identify receipts through built-in AI. The users can take a picture and approve their details after processing the information.
  • Managing time: Effective time management is another important feature of this tool. All employees are given login IDs.  The employees can view the manager’s reviews on their work and approval on their vacation or half-day off through this feature, thus optimizing the use of time. It is the complete management platform. Go and avail this complete management solution.
  • Accounting: Accounting options assist businesses in creating invoices, expense tracking monthly expenses and payment details, viewing financial statements, and watching inventory in real-time. You will have higher chances to avoid phantom invoices and organize your business from the financial flow perspective.
  • Reports: The tech-supported inventory and invoice management helps in generating reports for accounting, finance, and decision-making. Also, it provides you with constant updates.
  • Inventory: Automated inventory management assists in selecting, packing, shipping, and managing various inventories effectively. Moreover, it also decreases the risk of errors and saves resources and time.

For reading the complete features of Deskera, read the above section.

Technical Specifications Of Deskera

The devices supported by Deskera include Android, iOS, and web-based. However, a desktop is not compatible with this software. The customers belonging to enterprises and medium businesses can easily benefit from it through both phone and online resources.

deskera bank reconciliation

Deskera Integrations

The Deskera integrations for 2022 are discussed below:

  1. Zapier: It enables you to connect Deskera All-In-One with thousands of other apps for automating your work and saving time. Zapier connects Deskera with other apps including google forms, google sheets, Shopify, Click-up, Slack, WooCommerce, and Gmail.
  2. Stripe: The integration of Deskera with stripe allows businesses to get paid faster and send online invoices.
  3. PayPal: Deskera can be connected with PayPal within a few clicks and enable it to make bank transactions quickly and transparently.
  4. Marketo: It is a component of Adobe Experience Cloud and offers solutions for B2B marketing and lead management.
  5. WooCommerce: It is an eCommerce platform for WordPress and it is used for selling products online in the United States. And integration with this software helps sales teams and businesses to sell Awesome Products. The answers from product experts determine that this is one of the best-integrated software for selling amazing products.
  6. Okta: This software allows numerous ways to connect employees and customers. Integrating with Deskera allows you to form a stack according to your needs. It’s a friendly solution to the problem of communicating with each other.
  7. Zoho SalesIQ: This provides perfect features for marketing, sales, and customer support. Integration of Deskera with Zoho SalesIQ allows you to provide effective customer services and track the visitor’s interaction with your website in real-time.
  8. Magento: This software is meant for providing a flawless shopping experience. Integrating Deskera with this app helps businesses not only provide an inspirational shopping experience but also ensure transparent transactions and employee management.
  9. Salt Edge: It is a specialized banking API solution that helps businesses to generate smart services for customers. The integration of Deskera with Salt Edge allows businesses to ensure compliance with essential directives via technological innovations.
  10.  Avalara: This software is meant for sales automation and compliance with tax obligations. Integrating this software with Deskera creates the opportunity to further strengthen the sales automation process.

This was the integration of tools by Deskera.

The Pricing Plan Of Deskera:

Deskera ERP tool possesses three budget-friendly pricing plans i.e., start-up, essential, and professional and provides the business accounting solution. The cheaper alternative of Deskera is also available. You can also go for that affordable alternative.

  1. Start-up: 

This pricing plan is best for new businesses (depending on the company size) and services, being only $99/Mth per user, which is accessible if you start your business from scratch and want to have a platform with all the needed functions. This all-in-one pricing allows the new businesses to set payroll, CRM, and integrated accounting within a few minutes using basic spreadsheets. The complete features provided within this pricing plan include:

  • Efficient dashboard with clean style and no need for serious technical skills, detailed analytics represented in a visual way
  • Connect the banks
  • Categorization of bank statements
  • Generate 30 bills and invoices
  • Offer payroll for five employees, useful for small company size
  • Generate sales pipeline
  • Conduct email marketing campaigns with All-In-One Marketing Suites
  • Chat and email support
  • Provide access to Deskera academy & help center
  • No code landing pages

2. Essential:

This pricing plan is suitable for both Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and developing companies. The services offered under this plan are priced at $199 per user per month, which should not affect too much your business credit card compared to the advantages it brings. This plan will also help you with bank loans thanks to Deskera credit ratings. The exclusive array of features offered in this plan apart from basic ones are:

  • Unlimited invoices and bills
  • Operate payroll for 2-10 employees, if your amazing team has additional roles
  • Drag custom forms

3. Professional: 

It is the most suitable choice for companies that need advanced features and have over 11-50 employees. The services offered under this plan are priced at $499/user per month, offering advancement opportunities. The exclusive features offered in this plan which will help your current company are:

  • Custom reporting (add custom fields, custom notes & bank feeds)
  • Automate the sales
  • Automate different tasks at various stages of a deal (auto bank reconciliation, accounting & HR, inventory replenishment, etc.)
  • Complete inventory management, perfect as an accounting standpoint

Deskera review:

Deskera All-In has more than 100,000 users and is trusted by a variety of experts belonging to Red Herring, Deloitte, Frost & Sullivan, and Deloitte. Deskera is constantly rated as 4.5/5 by all customers within the online market. Moreover, its name is included in the leading 10 ERP solution providers and 20 most auspicious CRM solution providers.

It has an impressive user satisfaction star rating. The customer reviews classify it as one of the most popular ERP software. Its Average rating is just wow.

A comparison of Deskera rating with other software has revealed that customers are thoroughly satisfied with this ERP tool and 95% of them are likely to recommend it to their friends, thanks to Helpcentre & Deskera Academy.

Customer Satisfaction is also evident in the following case studies.

The case studies have revealed that Deskera software has provided exceptional services in HR, accounting, and customer service. It is considered a fully-featured business management app and an all-in-one solution for both medium and large-sized businesses.

deskera review


Pros and Cons of Deskera:

Pros of Deskera:

Deskera offers entirely integrated, compliant, and easy to deploy ERP software for both growing and medium-sized businesses. The flexible modular structure of this tool facilitates fast implementation and enables organizations to start operating in days instead of months. The benefits offered by Deskera are discussed in detail below:

  • Fully integrated and compliant:

Deskera being a cohesive web-based management software offers a holistic view of your business in Real-time. This is because the software is capable of answering all business needs of businesses ranging from campaign management, order management, delivery planning, and customer services to manufacturing, inventory management, project planning, project implementation, and recruitment and retirement.

Moreover, this software also allows businesses to ensure compliance with tax obligations through efficient tax filing and guarantee that organizations do not default against tax submissions.

  • Easy to deploy:

The implementation of this software is both inexpensive and quicker as compared to conventional business applications. The implementation process is simplified by dividing it into various phases following the needs of the company. Moreover, this tool also minimizes the cost of ownership and enhances ROI.

  • Financial competencies:

It improves the competencies for handling operations that are relevant to sales invoices, quotations, and returns, thus ensuring effective sales and purchase management. Moreover, the integration options offered by this ERP software enable the customer to link the entire system with information regarding manufacturing and inventory.

  • Inventory management: 

This tool also allows businesses to optimize their stock levels by monitoring the stock levels and status of inventory. The features like cycle count and inventory planning help the organizations to avert issues like understocking or overstocking. This is the reason that integrating this software within business operations allows Business owners to improve their service quality and enhance profits and productivity.

  • Vigorous reporting features:

Deskera is an amazing product that always guarantees that the financial reports generated via this tool are up-to-date. Apart from this, the intuitive charts and graphs offered by this tool are another peculiar feature helpful for effective reporting. Moreover, you can also generate audit reports and business reports anytime.

  • Protected data storehouse:

The tool not only stores the user data but also ensures its effective management and security. In other words, using this tool, you can have access to the data anytime and anywhere without worrying about hackers. This aspect is considered the best for medium and large businesses.

  • Effective management of transactions:

Ensuring smoother and transparent transactions while purchasing inventory items is another important benefit of Deskera. The two features of the ERP tool known as supply chain management and vendor management work in collaboration for streamlining the sales and purchase operation by automating these processes.

  • Combines business processes:

The integrated platform unites all business processes by automating important business functions within all departments. The significant business functions include sales, account, support, payroll, project, purchases, manufacturing, and inventory. Using this tool, the employees do not need to enter the data within different systems, correct the imprecise data, or wait for batch updates. This tool enables current employees to sight and shares precise data in real-time, thus leading to improved coordination among departments and increased productivity.

  • Ensures improved visibility:

The integration of this tool with business processes enables the organization to streamline all departments and ensure improved visibility across all departments. Moreover, it reduces the possibility of data redundancy by guaranteeing access to similar data.

  • Simplifies the decision-making:

Deskera’s cohesive database and personalized dashboard allow the decision-maker to make the most suitable decisions. The managers get immediate notifications and alerts about significant updates and simplify the decision-making process.

Cons of Deskera:

The product also entailed a few limitations. These limitations are:

  1. The learning curve in the case of advanced features is very precipitous
  2. The reporting abilities are not coherent with Xero and QuickBooks
  3. Inadequate customer services
  4. In some cases, the inability to interact and sync with manufacturing data has been observed.
  5. Communication difficulties due to language barriers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What functions does Deskera offer?

It automates different business functions within different departments including sales, accounts, support, payroll, projects, purchases, manufacturing, and supply chain and inventory management. With its use, you will be able to see different important data, such as inventory status, in no time.

  • Who are users of Deskera?

The users of Deskera are small businesses, non-profits, and public administration.

  • What languages are supported by Deskera?

The languages supported by Deskera are English, German, French, Spanish, and Indonesian.

  • Does Deskera support mobile services?

Deskera supports both iOS and Android. The responsive customer support team is great based on the customer references and opinions of verified reviewers found.

  • Does Deskera provide an API?

Yes, Deskera provides an API for users.

  • What level of support does Deskera offer?

The support options of Deskera include email, chat, helpdesk, knowledge base, and forum/FAQs.

  • How safe is my data within Deskera?

Deskera uses TLS security encryption for sending data safely across the internet.

For creating a pipeline in Deskera, you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Deals on the sidebar menu.
  2. After clicking, you will see the Default Pipeline in the system.
  3. A drop-down menu gives you options for selecting a different type of pipeline.

9. How to sign-up for an e-commerce store employing Deskera? 

To sign-up for an e-commerce store, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First login to your account as you can only access the Deskera e-commerce store after having a Deskera account.
  2. After logging in, you just need to click on the link.
  3. Go to the 'Buy' tab on the sidebar menu.
  4. You can select to convert the order to the bill even if you have not obtained the products and services.

deskera review

Final Thoughts

Deskera is one of the leading ERP tools and a great platform to unify departments and strengthen company culture. It is compliant, fully integrated, and easy to use. This software is suitable for all sizes of businesses, no matter if it's 2-10 employees or several hundred. It is an all-in-one app and businesses considering this app do not need to use any other software for running their business processes. You will find a lot of typical users of Deskera.

Moreover, its modular flexible structure also allows quick implementation and helps you to start doing business in a few days. Therefore, if you have started a current company or are looking for suitable software for optimizing your business processes then Deskera is the worth-choosing option.

The folks with small business sizes should go for it. There are already thousands of users of Deskera ensuring that this is a reliable platform for startups.

So what are you waiting for?

Try Now Deskera and join their big family of happy users around the world!

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June 27, 2022

Thanks for the detailed review! Might be a great option for finance stuff.


Deskera Reviews

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Fully integrated and compliant
Robust reporting features
Efficient inventory management
Protection of the stored data
Effective transaction management
Simplification of decision-making
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