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EmailOctopus Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

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Overall Rating: 5


Affordable plans compared to alternatives
Email customization
Easy-to-use interface
Integrated email marketing tools
Advanced analytics


No list segmentation
Possible lower response rate


Ease of Use




Are you looking to choose the most effective of the many email marketing services available nowadays?

We're all looking for an inexpensive but effective email marketing tool. A platform with good deliverability rates, where you can create, launch, and track your email marketing campaigns easily.

So here we have the complete EmailOctopus review for you.

It will solve all the problems related to email marketing.

EmailOctopus is an excellent email marketing tool for expanding your audience. It has some good features that will help you create an email design using its simple drag and drop options. You would have complete control over designing email templates with their email builder.

You can also choose from various business themes to help you work more efficiently. It can schedule your email campaigns for a specific time. You can send multiple emails to increase response rates.

In this EmailOctopus Review, we will discuss Email Octopus and its core features, pricing, and pros and cons. Read this article till the end, and you will be able to learn more about an excellent email marketing tool that will not break you the bank.

What is EmailOctopus?

EmailOctopus is an email marketing tool with a lot of email marketing templates. These templates enable users to create responsive emails that can be used in highly targeted email marketing campaigns based on customer data and segmentation.

EmailOctopus is a solid company. A self-hosted email platform with a simple email marketing tool for every customer's need. It is easy to use and cost-effective.

Their outstanding customer service team is highly responsive and available 24/7. They provide free features for small businesses.

emailoctopus review

Features of EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is much more than just an average email service, thanks to its advanced email marketing features that make the tool a truly reliable platform and allow you to entirely automate the whole process effectively.

Importing contacts into a list

EmailOctopus offers a feature that allows you to save bulk emails, subscribers' emails, and custom data. You may also add new fields to these contacts to store relevant information. You may use these contact lists by importing them and you can also manually add contacts to your Email Octopus account.

Email Editor

EmailOctopus has a beautiful email editor with drag-and-drop capabilities. It is pretty easy to use. You may alter any of the available templates. In your emails, you may include user-generated content blocks and links. It has a mobile preview and allows you to choose the background color.

Forms and Landing pages

EmailOctopus is a low-cost email marketing platform that provides the ability to create forms and landing pages to help any business owner to get more leads. There is no need for a dedicated domain because EmailOctopus can host such landing pages.

You can also host their opt-in forms on your website by adding a simple line of code on your own landing pages. You may fully customize all of your landing pages, forms, and pop-ups as you wish.


EmailOctopus has a large number of free responsive email marketing templates and email marketing content ready to use. By using any email template, you can generate eye-catching, responsive, and professional emails. These templates can also be used on other email marketing platforms for any successful email marketing campaign.

The following are some of the email campaign templates:


Importing HTML Templates

This all-in-one marketing solution can import as well your HTML email into any of their email templates. You may also use this tool to personalize your email.


The Automation Tool is one of the essential features of this powerful email marketing platform that allows you to send emails on autopilot and automatically respond to any email recipients.

These drip campaigns can significantly influence the education and greeting of new members on board. It would assist you in making a positive first impression and connecting with your potential customers.

It doesn't only help you to engage more with your subscribers, but also it saves your time and effort.

This powerful automation tool will help you to get better bounce rates, great conversion rates, and more sales on autopilot.

Reports and Built-in Analytics

This cost-effective emailing platform allows you to examine all the significant data of your email campaigns and user interactions. It will assist you in determining what your clients like and what they don't. These insights can help you to enhance your email marketing strategy in the future.

The data visualizations are pretty helpful and straightforward to quickly understand what is working and what you will have to improve, due to their easy-to-follow analytics. You may even filter out information about individual subscribers in Google Analytics without any additional cost.

emailoctopus review

EmailOctopus Benefits

So with EmailOctopus, you can benefit from a simple email creation tool, custom fields, customizable fields, landing page templates, drip sequences, and many additional features to boost your digital marketing.

Grow Your Audience

You can attract an audience by creating beautiful landing pages. It is true that beauty attracts people. By using Email Octopus, you can take advantage of this. You will find it very easy to create attractive landing pages with their landing page builder and get more subscribers to your email lists. You can also import your previous list of subscribers and even a larger email database of contacts into Email Octopus.

Analyze Everything

You can keep track of all of your activities and their results. By tracking activities and results, you will get to know what is working well. This way, you can make a lot of improvements. You can't make improvements in your progress unless you don't have track of it. Email Octopus will help you with this!

Contact Management

By using Email Octopus, you can organize and manage the information about your clients. This feature is really very helpful for folks who want to increase their audience. It enables you to know about all the important metrics about clients. You can also download this information via an Excel sheet in which all of your client's data will be available for you.

Click-Through Tracking

Email Octopus also gives you the power of Click-Through Tracking. With the help of this feature, you will know where and when people click on your emails and website. This information is then assembled and represented in an easy-to-understand form of graphs and numbers.

Reasonable Price

Unlike other tools, this one is very affordable. If you guys are running a business that has a tight budget then you can easily benefit from Email Octopus' affordable price. It comes with a free plan as well. Their pricing plan deals are also just wow. You won't find such an affordable tool anywhere else.

Exceptional Customer Service

It doesn't matter how expert you are in email marketing, but you will always need customer support sometimes. Anything could happen at any time. In this kind of situation, the excellent service of Email Octopus is always ready to help you out.

Feel free to contact them at any time, because their customer support is available 24/7.

Easy Interface

In most email marketing tools, you will find complicated interfaces. If you want no more headaches, then the interface of Email Octopus is super easy to use and understand for anyone.


Email Octopus gives you enough customization options. You can customize your email responsive templates to match your own or your client's requirements. You can take advance of their dynamic content feature and automatically add the names of customers in every email, add images, and many more. You can also use segmentation options according to your needs.

Email Octopus Integrations

Email Octopus allows you to connect with your favorite apps with their native integrations.

It has a lot of unique features that you will like.

Types of Integrations

There are mainly two types of app integrations:

  • Direct integrations
  • Zapier integrations

The following are examples of several types of integrations.

  • Advertising: EmailOctopus allows you to connect to your advertising platforms. It will assist you in growing and reaching out to your target audience. An example of an advertising integration is Facebook Lead Ads
  • Authors: You may form alliances with authors to expand your business by reaching out to more prospective clients. A few examples of authors' integrations are BookCave, Payhip, and BookFunnel
  • CRM: CRM and EmailOctopus connection guarantees that you reach out to the appropriate person at the right time. A few examples of CRM integrations are Salesforce, UpViral, and AirTable
  • Data sync: Integrating these technologies with EmailOctopus guarantees that your data is synced correctly across two online platforms. A few examples of Data Sync integrations are Zapier, Google Sheets, and Pabbly Connect
  • Ecommerce: Your average sales will increase when you link your e-commerce business directly with EmailOctopus. A few examples of direct e-commerce integrations are Shopify, WooCommerce, Teachable, Stripe
  • Website builders: Connect your website builder to EmailOctopus to get the information you need to reach your readers. A few website builder integrations are Teachable and Wix
  • Podcasting & membership software: Another option that you may link with your EmailOctopus is podcasting. It would assist you in reaching out to your audience. To eliminate communication gaps with your consumers, link your membership software with EmailOctopus. Examples of software to link are Bcast, Memberful, Patreon, and Payhip
  • Pop-up forms, sign-up forms, and surveys: You may increase your lists with the aid of pop-up forms. A few examples of pop-up form integrations are OptinMonster, WooRise, Google Form, and Ninja Forms

GDPR Compliance

EmailOctopus complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR legislation aims to offer EU citizens more control over their data and harmonize data processing standards throughout the EU. This legislation applies to all companies operating in the EU that have access to the personal data of EU residents.

emailoctopus review

EmailOctopus Pros and Cons

The Pros:

There are several advantages to using EmailOctopus, which are the followings:


EmailOctopus is one of the most cost-effective email marketing software. You can have 2,500 contacts available for free. This is already a good reason to try Email Octopus now and start using it for free! Small businesses, startups, digital marketers, and online entrepreneurs will benefit from this free service. Paid options are also available for as little as $20 per month.

Email Personalization

EmailOctopus has a simple drag-and-drop editor that makes it very easy to write, organize, and modify all your email marketing campaigns at an affordable price. Their templates collection gives you a lot of options that you can manage according to your needs.

It also lets you build emails with the email editor or import HTML templates for current themes. You may also preview your emails on several devices to make necessary changes. These emails are entirely optimized.

It's simple to set up and use

The EmailOctopus sign-up procedure is quick and easy. You may start sending marketing campaigns and organizing subscribers after registering your business. The user interface is simple, with drag-and-drop options to email campaigns with ease.


You can analyze the outcomes of your email campaigns with these advanced features. It will help you figure out customer behavior. These observations might help you improve your marketing in the future. The data analytics are pretty valuable and easy to understand. You may even exclude information about certain subscribers.

Email Marketing Tools

EmailOctopus allows you to get new subscribers by utilizing various marketing methods. These tools can help you attract new consumers. Its plug-in is helpful in the addition of a subscription form.

It offers inline or pop-up forms that you may tailor to your website as you want. Furthermore, EmailOctopus allows you to develop landing pages directly, or by using their various integrations.

The Cons:

There are a few negatives as well, which are described below:

  • There is no list segmentation
  • The embeddable form is pretty unappealing
  • The response rate could be relatively low compared to some of its peers

Pricing of EmailOctopus

There are two excellent price categories.

Starter package

$0/month. It is free and has up to 2,500 subscribers and 10,000 emails per month.

This plan is for small-sized businesses.

Features of Starter Plan

  • EmailOctopus branding on emails
  • Basic support
  • Reports available for 30 days


$24/month. It has up to 5,000 subscribers and 50,000 emails per month.

This plan is for large businesses.

Features of Pro Plan

  • Priority support
  • Complete control over your email design
  • Cancel any time
  • Reports are available forever and advanced segmentation
  • Pricing that scales with your business

Custom Plans

If you have more than 50,000 consumers, you may contact customer support to tailor the plan to your needs. They offer also a 20% discount for charitable organizations for a lifetime. There's no need to change your payment information as your email list expands; they'll do it automatically for you.

EmailOctopus Review: The Final Verdict!

EmailOctopus is simple to use, effective and delivers emails quickly and efficiently.

The ability to track everything is really useful. You will know when they viewed your emails, and if they clicked on any links. Real-time analytics allow you to see how your campaigns are doing in real-time. You get exceptional service anytime you need it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So now the best thing you can do is simply jump on their website and make a free account.

Try Email Octopus for Free!

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EmailOctopus Reviews

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Affordable plans compared to alternatives
Email customization
Easy-to-use interface
Integrated email marketing tools
Advanced analytics
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