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FreeAgent Review: Is This CRM Software Really Worth Buying?

6.8/1 (expert score)
Product is rated as #2 in category 

App Summary

Overall Rating: 4.2


Very versatile with multiple advanced features in just one solution
Well designed and easy to use activity dashboard
Highly customizable and easy to use
Best for CRM and Sales Teams


Might be too basic for large enterprises
Need to upgrade to use some platform features like monthly invoices or email templates


Ease of Use




Do you need CRM software for your small business? FreeAgent is the solution that has all the features you need to keep track of every stage in your customer success journey and it’s incredibly easy to use.

You can add notes, create tasks or send emails from inside the app so there’s no more switching between programs when you want to follow up with a client. Plus, everything is automatically organized into projects and contacts (collect business details) which makes it simple for anyone on your team to get involved without feeling overwhelmed by too much data.

We know how hard running a small business can be but our goal at FreeAgent is always making things easier for entrepreneurs just like yourself who are trying their best every day. That's why they offer free trials so everyone can see what they're missing out on before committing any money - because they believe once people try them out they'll never go back! So don't wait another minute - sign up today!

This extensive review of FreeAgent CRM  will help you find all the key information you need to know about this project management app. In this FreeAgent review, we'll tell you what it does, why it's so useful, and break down all its advanced features so you can decide if it's the right CRM for your small business.

What is FreeAgent CRM?

FreeAgent CRM is a free open-source customer relationship management tool (also email tracking software) for small businesses and for any management team. One of the important features included in this application is a contact manager that you can use to keep track of your sales leads, clients, potential customers, and others that are relevant to your business. The application also allows you to maintain a list of companies that are important for your business. With this tool, you can keep track of all the companies' contact information including addresses, phone numbers, and email messages. Other features included in Free Agent CRM are activity tracking, lead qualification, email marketing, sales funnel, and reporting tools.

FreeAgent CRM Features Overview

FreeAgent CRM has a wide array of features that make it great for small business owners. The fact that it is a free open-source application makes it one of the best CRM applications you can use for your business. You can use it on mobile devices so it is easy to use. Here are discussed the different functionalities and wide variety of features of the application:

Work Management:

Work or task management helps to optimize any project-based small businesses by streamlining the work or business flow of different job roles. With the help of this feature, you can assign tasks to different employees or freelancers and keep track of their progress. This feature is crucial for any business, as it helps to keep different employees updated about the work done by others and also provides an easy way to distribute work among employees. Here are some leading features of it

  • Web App Notifications
  • Native Mobile App
  • Click-to-Edit Records
  • Payroll Feature
  • Quick Add
  • Click-to-Create Records
  • Global Search
  • International Invoicing
  • Contact Assignments
  • Drag and Drop Columns
  • Index Detail Toggle
  • Related Record Quick Links
  • Jobs Engine
  • Bulk Edit

Task & Activity Management:

Free Agent CRM platform help teams, big or small BBB business profile to manage their tasks and activities so you can easily monitor them. With this tool, it is easier to know what needs to be done and the time you need to do it. It also allows you to create deadlines for specific tasks and monitor them so they're completed on time. This tool allows you to monitor the progress of each task, sales process and see whether they are on schedule or behind schedule. Here are a few features of this sales forecasting software.

  • Task Prioritization
  •  Attachments
  •  Activity Timeline
  • Task Scheduling
  • Mentions
  • Task Referencing
  • Activity Sharing
  • Task Reminders
  • Task Automation
  • Notes
  • Task Outcomes
  • Rich Text Editor

freeagent crm review


You can customize your Free Agent CRM so it will perfectly fit the needs of your business. You can choose which features you want to use for your business and which ones you don't need. This application allows you to customize its look, feel, functionalities and features according to your preferences. The following are the different functionalities and features of this application:

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Email Templates and Report Templates
  • Data Access Control
  • Inventory Feature
  • Invoice Templates
  • Data Import/Export
  • Customizable Workflows
  • API Support for Developers
  • Pre-populated Fields
  • Forms and Templates
  • Canned Emails Addresses /Texts
  • Mobile App Customization
  • Custom Fields and Customer Database
  • Single Sign-on
  • Customizable Templates
  • Shared Calendars


Free Agent CRM is a free application that you can download and install for your system. You can also choose to use it in a hosted environment. This application works in Windows, Linux, and web browsers. You can customize this tool by changing its look, feel, functionalities and features depending on the needs of your business. It helps by personalizing your business tasks and activities and by making them easier to manage. Here are some functionalities and features that you can personalize:

  • Corporate Themes
  • Date Time Preferences
  • Languages selection
  • Personal Themes
  • Embedded Email Signatures
  • Notification Preferences
  • User Profiles
  • Working Calendar
  • Homepages
  • Pin Columns
  • Branding
  • Customizable All Views
  • Favorites

Process Management:

FreeAgent CRM allows you to manage your business processes and tasks in a better way. This tool provides mobile access that makes it easier for you to monitor, manage, and track your business activities. It is a robust tool that helps you improve the way you manage your workflow.

You can also create a list of the products you will use for each project. This application allows you to create workflows that are more personalized via mobile access or web-based access. here  are some functionalities and features that you can use to manage your business workflow:

  • Rules of Form
  • Dependent Fields
  • Set Field Values
  • Required Fields
  • Lock After Create
  • Approval Workflows
  • Related Record Quick Create
  • Kanban Boards
  • Drag & Drop


FreeAgent CRM allows you to automate your business processes, tasks, and activities by making them more efficient and accessible. You can create automated workflows for your tasks and activities, and you will be able to monitor your progress at all. You can create automated workflows that will help you manage your time and activities more efficiently. You can also automate the reports you need to generate for your business or personal needs. This automation will reduce your time and effort in tracking the things you do for your business. Here are some features that you can automate

  • Custom Code Automations or Marketing Automation
  • Future Date and Time-based Automation Trigger
  • Schedule Cron-based Automation Trigger
  • Vast Majority Update Trigger
  • Automated Assignments
  • Automated Email Addresses
  • Calendar Management


Free Agent CRM allows you to monitor your business activities and report them in a well-organized manner. You can create reports that will help you manage your time, tasks, and activities. You can get reports on the things you have done for your business or personal needs. You can also use this application to create a report on the progress of each project you have. This way, you will be able to determine which tasks have been done and which ones have not. You can check your progress on each project and then proceed with the ones that are still pending. Following are the features offered by this tool.

  • List Layout
  • Sales Reports and Sales tax rates with invoicing feature
  • Field Filtering
  • XLSX Chart Export
  • Filter Operators for choice and reference fields
  • Filter Operators for Date Fields
  • Filter Operators for Number Fields
  • Activity Reporting
  • Task Reporting
  • Filter Operators for Currency and Percent Fields
  • Lines Reporting
  • Filter Operators for Text Fields
  • Age Reporting


You can also monitor the security settings of your Free Agent CRM. You will have complete control over the features you choose to use for your business. You can set different security levels depending on your preferences. You can also control which activities of the application you will activate or deactivate for each user of the application. This way, you can monitor the activities of your employees. Also, you can track their productivity and the things they have done for your business. Following are the key features that are enabled by this tool.

  • Email Privacy
  • Email Blacklisting
  • SSO(Single Sign-On support )
  • Teams organization
  • Defining Roles
  • Access Controls and constant check-Ins

Free Agent Pricing Options

Pricing options of CRM are per user/per month and Flexible, predictable, and scalable. It offers a free trial after that, you will need to buy a subscription for your needs. It offers the following three value-based pricing subscriptions or you can visit the FreeAgent website to check the latest price lists.

Contact Management: Its monthly cost is $35 per user per month free agent platform with contact management task management and Multi-channel communication and customizable branding.

B2B Sales:  This pricing plan of FreeAgent CRM costs $75 per user per month and offers a Free Agent with additional features than in contact management.

B2B Full-Funnel Sales: According to the sales perspective it is very helpful to the sales team and businesses that want to want to get key metrics of sales. Annually, it costs $100 per user per month and offers a free trial after that, you will need to buy a subscription for your needs.

If you want you can request a FreeAgent Demo through this special link and try it for free right now!

Free Agent CRM Integrations

Free Agent has many third-party integrations available and still growing. It's completely free and open-source so anyone can build and integrate with its customizable dashboard. Also, it's got many pre-built social media integration features.

  1. Free Agent's Zapier Integration allows users to connect with more than 500 applications. With this integration, users can automate different tasks in no time.  It has many pre-built Zaps that users can choose from and then automate their work.
  2. Free Agent's Office 365 Integration is one of the most popular and trusted automation tools. It helps users automate the tasks and workflows with the different cloud-based office services.
  3. Free Agent's Google Drive Integration allows users to attach their Google Drive files and access them from the application. It also helps you to sync your Office documents with Google Drive.
  4. Free Agent's Dropbox Integration allows remote teams to attach their folders from Dropbox and access them from the application. It also helps you sync your files with Dropbox.
  5. Free Agent's Drive Folder Sync Integration allows users to sync their files from Dropbox and Google Drive directly into the application.


freeagent features

FreeAgent Pros and Cons

Now that we dug deep into the software and its functionalities, let's highlight the best pros and cons of this FreeAgent CRM Review.

FreeAgent CRM Pros:

  • Very versatile, customizable report templates and engagement tracking
  • Well designed and easy to use activity dashboard with a time tracking feature and complete visibility into day to day activity
  • Customer support is fantastic
  • Accounts are very customizable
  • Tons of real-time integrations
  • This email marketing platform provides real-time alerts and referral tracking
  • Best for CRM and Sales Teams

FreeAgent CRM Cons:

  • Might be too basic for some larger businesses
  • Need to upgrade to use some platform features like monthly invoices or email templates

Alternatives of FreeAgent CRM

There are hundreds of CRM programs, so it's tough to sort through them all that provide a robust work management environment. There are no business software programs that are perfect, however, there are numerous which approach the level of free agent. We recommend that you do your research, but here are some alternatives that can act as a starting point.

1 . Plutio

Plutio is one of the best FreeAgent CRM alternatives we could find for small businesses. While it doesn't have the many integrations and advanced features of Free Agent, it does offer an impressive and affordable option for freelancers and small businesses.

2 . Keap

Keap CRM is another popular software with a lot of advanced functionalities for any kind of business owner. With Keap CRM you'll find all the options you may need to handle your CRM  for a small business or even a large enterprise.

3 .  Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a great option for any business that is looking to quickly manage its sales pipeline. It offers a free trial that can help you understand what it's capable of. You will then be able to see if the application is a good fit for your business without spending a dime.

4 . SalesFlare

SalesFlare is an application that is well known for its wide range of powerful features at a reasonable price. While it doesn't offer as many features as FreeAgent, most of the key ones are there and at a far lower price point.

5 . HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most powerful, yet user-friendly CRM platforms with social media marketing, website analytics, and online store builder, and more for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It's like having your own personal marketing team, minus the hefty price tag.

FreeAgent Review Conclusions

At the end of this FreeAgent CRM Review, we hope you’ve found a new and better way to manage your business.

To summarize some key points from our review: FreeAgent is an amazing tool for your business if you are looking for an easy and effective way to manage your customers and grow your sales. It offers many features that can help you grow your company while having more time for yourself. It also has plenty of pricing options so it can fit any budget or size of the company.

If there is one thing we would like to add about the platform, it would be that its best feature might just be how easy it is to use. This makes sense because when customers are happy with their service they will come back again and again! So FreeAgent ensures 100% customer satisfaction and a super-easy way to switch between different powerful features in the same app.

Have you got curious about trying it by yourself?

Request a 100% Free FreeAgent Demo right now!

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FreeAgent Reviews

Nice tool for beginners

Rated 4 out of 5
June 27, 2022



FreeAgent Reviews

Rated 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
Very good100%

Very versatile with multiple advanced features in just one solution
Well designed and easy to use activity dashboard
Highly customizable and easy to use
Best for CRM and Sales Teams
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