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Marketmuse Review: Features, Pricing, and Best Alternatives

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Easy to use, user friendly, and straightforward
It gives you a competitive advantage
It helps you to create relevant content
It helps your to improve your actual content and rank higher


No Google Docs plugin integration
You need to be part of the paid plan to get the most out of it


Ease of Use




Google constantly adjusts its algorithms to prioritize web-based content that is more relevant and rewarding for users.

MarketMuse addresses this by providing SEO and digital marketing professionals with the ability to analyze and improve their ranking with optimized, dynamic content - but how can MarketMuse be expected to outcompete the established platforms like Frase, Surfer SEO, and SEMrush?

However, we believe MarketMuse is still worth testing and reviewing.

In this MarketMuse review, we'll discuss MarketMuse Benefits, pricing, features, and alternatives.

So, let's begin.

It is easy to get started with MarketMuse - go here!

So, what is MarketMuse?

It is essential to understand that Marketmuse is just an additional tool in your SEO arsenal. If you are not already optimizing your website's reputation, you should start there along with using Marketmuse.

MarketMuse is the content research, creation, and best content optimization tool that SEO professionals have waited for. Almost all content research tools are created for one purpose: to rank higher for established SEO keywords.

MarketMuse is not just a content research tool - it is an SEO and marketing solution that goes above and beyond the need to rank.


Who is MarketMuse for?

Aki Balogh created MarketMuse for Copywriter & SEO professionals.

It is one of the most comprehensive tools for content research, Topic research, audience analysis, and more - but it requires a basic understanding of SEO to get the most out of it.

If you aren't already familiar with all aspects of marketing and ranking a website, then MarketMuse will probably be too advanced for you.

On the other hand, if you are responsible for managing your company's digital marketing strategy, then MarketMuse can be an invaluable tool.

Since it is one of the most comprehensive SEO tools, MarketMuse is perfect for helping non-SEO experts get more out of their search engine optimization.

In short, MarketMuse is one of the best tools on the market for SEO copywriters, content marketers, and professionals.

MarketMuse Pricing Plans

Currently, MarketMuse has three different pricing plans, one per month or annually.

All pro plans include Optimize, Research, Compete, Questions, Connect and Unlimited queries, Unlimited projects. You can visit the pricing page here to learn more about what each plan offers.

But what features and functionality does MarketMuse offer?


MarketMuse Features:

MarketMuse includes five applications. Let's take a closer look at each one.

  • Research
  • Compete
  • Questions
  • Connect
  • Optimize

Research Tool:

The MarketMuse Research app provides content creators with insights for effective writing. It can recommend topics by topic type based on popularity, suggesting currently highly ranked issues would benefit the writer.

Furthermore, it helps gain an understanding of top topics that may be missing from existing content. Analyzing competitor content in your niche can also help you identify gaps in coverage.

Above all, this tool allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the topics you should be covering, making writing more effective.


Compete in the only competitive analysis tool that allows you to compare your topic coverage with your competitors. This makes it invaluable for content strategists trying to get a high-level view of what should be covered in their content.

Either Compete, or Research can evaluate competitor content, but Compete adds the feature of comparing coverage. This makes it a better option for extending SEO knowledge because it provides more information about how well you're covering topics against the competition.


It can provide you with questions that are relevant to your topic range. This application is beneficial because it allows you to understand people's questions when they search online.

This can help you improve your content and answer questions that would otherwise go unaddressed by SEO practices alone.


Internal linking is a technique by which sites can be connected by using hyperlinks. This way allows readers of the website to get a quick idea of what topics are being discussed on site.

The tool provides you with an opportunity to quickly assess how your current internal and external linking is organized, as well as suggestions for how to improve it.


The app MarketMuse by Optimize provides users with a digital content-scoring and word-count analysis of their blog.

MarketMuse is designed to give users insight into how their content compares to competitors and how it can be improved to become more shareable and more relevant in the readership that is most likely to engage with it.

Both content creators and marketers can use MarketMuse to determine their content's effectiveness in reaching its desired audience.

Aggregate, Compare, Optimize:

The main goal of MarketMuse is to provide regular updates on how your content compares to your peers in the search results.

In the comparison, you get a score based on your content's coverage. The score is used to compare and contrast your content with other people's content.

The more different your content is from others, the higher the score. This helps to keep you competitive and makes MarketMuse a tool that you can use throughout your entire publishing process.

It also helps because it lets you focus on improving the coverage of the content that has been proven to be most effective for reaching readers and sharers.

marketmuse seo content marketing

Why MarketMuse?

The biggest reason to use MarketMuse is that it is just an overall better tool than any other solution that you can find online. It provides more information, and it does so in a user-friendly manner.

MarketMuse also has the benefit of not just focusing on one tool. Instead, you can use MarketMuse to do all of these things.

MarketMuse has the right tools for everyone, whether you are just starting or an experienced content creator.


  • It is user-friendly and straightforward.
  • Easy to use.
  • Provides you with a competitive advantage.
  • It helps you to create relevant content.
  • Improving your content by analyzing ranked articles for specific keywords.
  • Identify the weak points of your article.


  • No google docs plugin
  • You need to be part of the paid plan to get the most out of it.


Is MarketMuse Worth It?

MarketMuse is a product that can provide both SEO and content creators with the top tools possible.

One of the significant strengths of MarketMuse is its ability to enhance your existing writing skills and lets you use the app to get a better understanding of what you need to be focused on when writing about your topic.

Overall, we recommend MarketMuse for anyone who wants to create higher-quality content and reach your audiences more effectively.

MarketMuse Alternatives:

We cannot conduct such a positive review without talking about alternatives. The following are similar tools to MarketMuse.

  1. Frase - A tool that provides you with insights into how your content can become more effective. It can assess your topic selection and topic coverage, the quality of the content, and provide suggestions on improving it.
  2. Surfer SEO - Like most SEO software, Surfer SEO is a content research and outline builder tool that allows you to compare your content against your competitors. It provides a more comprehensive look into what competitor content is covering.
  3. Jarvis - MarketMuse also offers an alternative to Jarvis when it comes to creating content. The main difference is that Jarvis focuses more on automatic content creation, while MarketMuse focuses more on the SEO effectiveness of your content.
  4. Scalenut - Scalenut is a content-scoring tool that also allows you to compare your content against your competitors.
  5. Outranking Outranking is another tool that can help you gather insight into your content. It sums up your content, compares it with the most shared pieces on the web since it started, and then delivers results.

marketmuse features

Frequently Asked Questions

Does content scores on MarketMuse have a relationship with Google rankings?

MarketMuse is not affiliated with Google. It is still dependent on the same algorithm.

There is no goal for moving your rankings, but it can help you know your content's impact on your competitors, who are more likely to get ranked higher than you or already ranked higher than you.

Can MarketMuse be used to gain an SEO advantage?

Yes, but only if you are interested in writing content to rank up in search engines.

It is not technically SEO, but it does give you insight into what keywords to focus on. It also provides specific data for various levels of competition within the search results.

How do you use MarketMuse?

You need to sign up for a free trial to get started with MarketMuse. Once you are signed up, you will have the option of being sent new articles every week that you can use to compare your content to.

Is MarketMuse helpful for bloggers?

Yes, MarketMuse is helpful for bloggers because it helps you create relevant content that is interesting and more effective in reaching its intended audience.

Should you use MarketMuse instead of a keyword research tool?

In many ways, yes. It is much more comprehensive. Instead of just a list of keywords that have been used in the past, MarketMuse provides you with a complete picture of what content has been created before for a specific topic.

What Is a Content Brief?

A content briefs is a web page that outlines your goals and objectives. It also explains how you plan to achieve these goals and objectives and why it's crucial for your readership.

This brief will guide you through your workflow, from reaching out to writers to collecting data for the research tool and even writing the content itself.

MarketMuse Review Conclusion:

We concluded our review and explained that MarketMuse could be used to gain an SEO advantage.

It can help you create content that is more relevant to your audience, and it helps keep you competitive with other bloggers. It is also free, so you don't need to worry about the steep initial price tag.

MarketMuse Review concluded that MarketMuse is a content research tool that allows you to compare your content against your competitors.

The main difference between Marketmuse and other tools is that MarketMuse focuses on content effectiveness, which includes comparing the quality of the content.

So, why are you waiting? Sign up and get started to MarketMuse today!

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Easy to use, user friendly, and straightforward
It gives you a competitive advantage
It helps you to create relevant content
It helps your to improve your actual content and rank higher
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