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Nifty Project Management Review 2021: Features, Pricing and Best Alternatives

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Hundreds of tools are taking over our workspaces nowadays.

And we are getting too busy managing these tools rather than concentrating on our projects.

Nifty PM can help you to merge everything in one single platform and get the most out of every tool to run your projects and daily tasks smoothly and faster!

In this detailed Nifty Project Management Review, we will take a closer look at what Nifty has to offer and how these features drastically change how you manage your projects.

From features to pricing, from honest opinion to best alternatives, we have compiled everything you need to know about Nifty, one of the best Project Management Tool out there.

Are you ready to discover all the best project management features in this Nifty Review?

Let’s get started!


What is Nifty PM?

Nifty is an All-In-One project management software that helps you collaborate with your remote teams and manage all tasks effortlessly.

In short, you can manage everything you might need to complete a project within Nifty PM!

If you are a business owner, a project manager, or a team leader, you won't miss this amazing management tool and its advanced features.

Either if you are a project management software first-timer, or if you are looking for a better solution to switch from your Previous Project Management App, Nifty is an intuitive project management app that can help you to manage an entire project or your business from a single place.

Whether you want to share some new ideas with your teammates or chat with them in real-time or share important files, Nifty will make everything much simpler than using traditional tools.

During the project, Nifty will reduce the need for reaching external tools and hence the project completion time, making you much more productive than ever before. You can integrate all your necessary software with Nifty to make it a remote collaboration hub.

You also get a time tracking feature inside to track all the work hours of your employees or teammates. And file sharing has never been easier as you can create and collaborate on different documents in one place.

Focus more on projects rather than struggling with many tools.

This is what Nifty is for!


Nifty PM Features Overview

Now we will break Nifty PM down to the smallest and show you why this advanced project management software is becoming so popular nowadays among all those Project Management Platforms out there.

You will better understand what are the excellent features of this amazing project planning software and all the actionable tasks to successfully implement it in your daily workflow.

With Nifty you can manage just your daily tasks or even a multitude of teams. 

You can also set up in-app and email notifications for every important thing.

You can choose from a variety of parameters in their intuitive interface, to set up the software as you wish. You can even choose to switch to the Dark Mode if you like it more.

A complete customizable work management solution to help you with your business growth!


Nifty Project Management Tool

Every project will now be within your sight once you start using Nifty.

First of all, you can set up a different workspace for every one of your needs.

For instance, if you manage a large company or multiple businesses, you can split down your workforce into different offices and topics.

For example:

  • Sales team workspace
  • Product development workspace
  • HR department workspace
  • and so on...

If you don't need this feature, you can run all of your projects under the same roof.

You will then be able to jump into the Project Portfolio Management and put all the similar projects into the same group.

For example:

  • CLIENTS 1 projects
  • CLIENTS 2 projects
  • etc...

On a project level, you can either choose to use a List View, Top-Down Task View, or a Kanban View of your projects. As everything will be listed in one place, you can choose priority projects and place them accordingly to be completed faster.

When starting a new project, you can choose from many already done-for-you Project Templates or start your own from scratch. 

You can also save your Project Templates for the future, meaning that if you are running repeating activities such as clients onboarding or stuff like that, you can set up an efficient process and save it as Project Template and just copy it again anytime you need it.

You can also organize different project files based on projects, types, clients, etc. Nifty also offers project portfolios to keep track of project files and contributions of teammates to each project.

This versatile tool is used for plenty of things like budget management, resource management, project planning, task management, time and milestone tracking, discussion board, portfolio management, etc. With Nifty, you can now easily manage your own daily tasks, workloads, calendar views, and all your projects and team members' tasks from a single page.

Click here if you want to try Nifty Project Management features for free!

nifty project management



Milestones are like inspirations. You cross one and get energized to achieve the next one immediately. And if you have Nifty pm backing you, no other tool for creating or tracking milestones will be necessary.

In the project dashboard, you can get a sneak peek of all your projects at once. You can also switch to the timeline view to get a more detailed idea about the progress of all your projects.

Milestone dependency is another great feature here, which can be set up on a variety of parameters.

You can choose to prioritize a bunch of tasks in a milestone to be completed in the first place.

Nifty is truly a customizable solution for every need!


Nifty Team Collaboration

Collaborating with your teams is now easier than ever with Nifty PM.

With the Nifty collaboration tools, you can now share all the necessary project files from either your computer or any cloud-based software storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Creating discussion threads about projects in a centralized workspace will help generate new ideas to take your projects further. Connecting with your teammates and replying to them on a certain question or comment is a very handy feature here.

If you are the manager of a certain project, you can see the task list for each project, who is assigned to any individual task, and the time on tasks spent by every team member.

For a quicker collaboration, you can also use the internal teams' chat with direct messages and daily messages.

As Project Manager, you can assign projects and roles to each member of your team.

Nifty Docs

Files you need to create for a project can cause a headache if they aren’t organized properly. In this Nifty Project Management review, we emphasize this the most because you can easily create documents for different projects simultaneously and organize them in a way that you find them without stress.

You don’t even need to use any other documenting tool once you get Nifty. Create any document at any time and add your teammates to view or edit the document. Everyone, who has access, can edit the document and put comments to make the project more fruitful.

In Nifty, you can share these documents with your clients. Managing files across different platforms is a pure waste of time, and Nifty helps you get rid of that hassle.

So, in short, what you can upload with Nifty Docs?

Nifty Docs will let you share anything you need with your team or clients:

  • Images, videos, audio files, PDFs, and other documents.
  • You can also add links to websites.
  • CSV Upload.
  • You can even create a new document in Nifty Docs.

You can also integrate any existing documents on other platforms like Google Docs here to easily access everything when needed. Be it a worksheet or presentation; nothing will be out of reach.

Nifty Project Management Time Monitoring

The Nifty PM software will give you access to powerful features to manage every side of your business.

One of these is certainly the Time Tracking feature, which will help you to keep track of all your projects, tasks, cross-project overviews team workloads, and team members' activities.

Everyone in your team will now be under close monitoring with the Nifty time tracking feature.

It has an integrated calendar to show you when your teammates are working on what.

You will get an instant overview of time logs across different projects to evaluate the performance of your teammates. It will also help while billing for your client's projects.

You can also export detailed time logs in different formats to convey them to different sections of your organizations if necessary.


Nifty PM Pricing

Nifty has four different pricing plans to match your needs. You can choose from Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans according to what you intend to do with them.

Let’s break these plans down a bit further.


You get 100 GB of storage in this plan and have 40 active projects at a time. But no more than 10 members will be able to access your projects in this plan. It will be a good choice for those who are just starting and don’t want to spend many bucks after a PM tool.

This plan comes at $49 per month. But if you opt for annual billing, you will save $10 per month. Google SSO, Microsoft SSO, or open API won’t be available in this plan.


This will be useful for mid-size businesses that have already taken off. You get 500 GB of storage where a maximum of 20 members can access. But there will be no limitations for the number of projects.

You need to spend $99 per month on this plan. If you take the annual plan, you will save $20 per month.


Everything Nifty has to offer is accessible in this plan, excluding a dedicated success manager. You get 1 TB of storage, and 50 members are allowed at most. But there will be no limitations regarding project numbers.

This plan costs $149 per month. But if it’s billed annually, it will cost $124 instead.


For managing huge workloads and a large number of teammates, this plan will be perfect for getting a dedicated success manager. Unlimited users can access unlimited projects across a 2 TB storage.

This plan costs $499 per month. But if you choose to pay annually, it will cost only $399 per month.

Other than these plans, you can even get a Nifty lifetime deal or any customized plan by discussing your needs. Go ahead if you feel so. You can take a free trial before paying a penny to judge the credibility of the tool.

nifty review

Nifty PM Review: Pros and Cons

When you have to make a decision about new software for your business, then you need to pick up the best one!

Nifty PM is in our view one of the best project management software tools right now.

And if you are still not convinced... well, you can try it for free by yourself!

Anyway, there are always some reasons because you should choose a certain software or not.

Here are our Nifty PM recommendations!

Nifty Project Management Pros

  • Nifty is a very versatile tool to manage many different projects, task lists, expenses, etc. As you can manage everything on an all-in-one platform, there will be less waste of time.
  • The comprehensive Gantt chart effectively manages all the projects and gets a quick overview of the progress and challenges.
  • Nifty has a very intuitive interface that makes the whole thing easier.
  • Custom Roles & Permissions, Real-Time Updates, and Activity Tracking.
  • Integrating different types of documents is very easy. You can access your files on cloud storage directly from your user panel.
  • Time tracking feature with integrated calendar helps keep track of every movement of teammates and plan future projects with ease.
  • The built-in chat feature allows teammates to join one-to-one or group project discussions. It helps them create a uniform working environment to align everything regarding the project.
  • Creating and collaborating on documents is very easy. Anyone can easily contribute to the discussion threads made for different projects and share relevant files.
  • Customer support is very helpful. No matter what problem you throw at them, they will come up with the most convenient solution.
  • Nifty PM is more cost-effective than its alternatives like Asana, Bitrix24, ClickUp, etc.
  • Customizable templates will let you create your own perfect Project Templates for every need.
  • Project Time Tracking feature will help you track all the time spent on a single task, project, or activity by each member of your team, or even by yourself.

Nifty Project Management Cons

  • Beginners need to go through a learning curve. But thankfully, it is shorter than Nifty’s competitors.
  • You can’t edit time logs afterward.
  • There is no invoicing feature as of now.
  • The UI is very simple and maybe can be less appealing to some users. Nifty should try different color schemes and fonts in the future.
  • Sometimes, things get out of control after upgrades. But the customer support is there for settling issues.


Nifty Project Management Review: Conclusion

Humans have limited capability in handling too many tools.

The less dependent you become on tools, the more productive you will be. Nifty PM is a super powerful project management software that will help you to reduce the number of tools you need to use frequently while boosting your productivity.

Is Nifty Project Management the right business tool for you?

We have tried to give you an in-depth Nifty Review to highlight its notable features and benefits to answer the question, is Nifty any good among project management software?

At the end of this in-depth Nifty Project Management Review, all we can say is: YES!

Nifty is absolutely an Awesome PM Tool.

And it can help you a lot with all your daily tasks, to grow your business easier and faster.

Even if you are a solo entrepreneur, Nifty PM is a fantastic tool to manage all your personal tasks.

In fact, with all the Nifty Project Management functionalities, you can smoothly manage your teams, your own tasks, and even your entire business projects under one unique Robust PM Software!

NIfty Project Management can be used for different purposes by small business owners, or even large teams and enterprise organizations on different core activities, such as:

  • Client Projects
  • Internal Team Workloads
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Time Tracking & Reporting
  • Projects Completion Tracking
  • Task Scheduling
  • Calendar Management
  • Cross-Project Overviews Team Workloads
  • and many more...

If you want to dig more into Nifty's core features, project settings, and collaborative ability, you can sign up here immediately with the Nifty PM Free Trial Offer and start right away to boost your productivity!

For further information, you can also check their Roadmap, their extensive Knowledge-Hub and Self-Serve Help Center, or you can either contact their amazing customer care from the chat.

I hope you enjoyed our Nifty Project Management Review!

If you did so, please like and share this post to help us understand how we are doing.

Also please take a minute and let us know what do you think about the software below in the comment and reviews section.

Thank you for reading and see you on the next business software review!

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Nifty PM Reviews

Amazing Project Management Tool

Rated 5 out of 5
October 22, 2021

As an entrepreneur, I really needed something like this. From daily tasks, to project management, Nifty PM is one of the most functional and easy-to-use software I ever tried!

I really love it and I'm super happy I made the decision to jump in a few months ago.

Since then my productivity skyrocketed like crazy.

I can finally manage all my projects under the same roof, keep track of my goals, tasks, and milestones.

Thank you, Nifty Team!


Nifty PM Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
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Easy to use
Advanced Project Management functions
Great UI / UX
Team collaboration
Fast and reliable
Daily to-do list
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