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Keap Review: Is the Best All-In-One CRM and Sales Software?

6.8/1 (expert score)
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Overall Rating: 2.6


One of the best All-In-One CRM and Sales Software
Top-rated support
Sales Pipeline Automation
Ongoing new features releases
A lot of useful free training material


Not the best for landing pages
Still raw in some features


Ease of Use




Nowadays, running a company includes several tasks that are non-negotiable.

From customer satisfaction to the sales process, there are systems that need to be put through their paces on a daily basis, and it is definitely better to rely on a software company that has proven records of success and long-term growth in mind.

If you are looking for advanced marketing experience and all-in-one software to manage your entire business in one single platform, you should really consider take a few minutes and read carefully our in-depth and honest Keap review.

A marketing tool that will help you control your company more efficiently.

Are you in?

Let's dive into this in-depth Keap review!

What is Keap?

Keap is an all-in-one solution software that every small business owner should be thinking about.

Previously known as Infusionsoft, Keap provides small businesses with all the tools they need for several tasks along the way, such as CRM, sales process, payments, client management, email marketing, and marketing automation.

If you have any previous experience in sales, you will immediately notice how it helps your company to get rid of chaotic situations that may happen while running a company or having a marketing campaign.

CRM stands for " customer relationship management ", that precious relationship in which all our small businesses' image and prestige lay upon. The Keap app is basically a CRM software that helps you communicate with customers in a more effective way than any human mind could.

You would then be writing down some information at the same time as calling, text messaging, and sending automated emails to all of your clients, and keeping that customer relationship interactions on top.

With a strong background as former Infusionsoft, several review sites from all over the world are praising Keap as the leader in CRM and marketing automation and highly recommend it for small business owners.

Apparently, this great tool has all it takes to make small businesses grow exponentially and improve every single aspect of your business development, from the sales process to customer relationships and marketing campaigns.

keap review

Keap Features Overview

One of the most interesting parts of this Keap review is surely digging into all the amazing Keap features.

By the way, if you want to try them by yourself, you can easily sign up for a Keap Free Demo through this link.

Here you will find our detailed Keap features sneak-peek:

Text messages and Keap Business line: You could hire someone, or a group of people, whose job would be to answer the phone to (possible) clients 24/7. But how much would that cost you?

What is the payroll for a human being whose sleeping hours are sacrificed so he or she can listen to an unmeasurable amount of the same kind of questions and inquiries?

Besides every, human customer service gets tired of serving customers once a normal time quota is reached. This would never happen with Keap; this customer support service never gets tired of calling your possible clients, hence giving you and your employees your freedom back.

Appointments: with just a few swift movements, you can schedule appointments.

Afterward, you can modify information such as availability, details of the meeting and set reminders to never miss an appointment ever again.

There is also a high level of integration between this software and a lot of other platforms at the same time, so you get to choose all the specifics of the meeting, such as the platform you will use to connect with your clients or partners.

Automation tool: with Keap’s sales and marketing automation tool, your small businesses can achieve about everything.

Client management has never been so easy; from connecting with possible future clients and following up with them, to saving crucial information on their preferences, behavior, or likeliness to buy your products.

The connection (possible) client - company is kept untouched, and customers feel cared for. Marketing automation is the ultimate solution; a highly recommended tool to keep everything in order without the need of a million sticky notes over your desk.

You have it all in one place: calls, texts messages, pop-up reminders, and email campaigns. The marketing automation software is surely the app's best feature to help you manage all the repetitive tasks with ease.

"Automation allows you to have a full lifecycle that is literally always on, always checking up, always making sure that nothing falls through the cracks."  Vix Reitano - Coach and Consultant, Keap Customer

CRM: Client management tools seem to be the favorites among the company review businesses. The goal for both Automation and CRM is making the customer feel important, as they should be, therefore CRM consists of saving and keeping a record of all the information that could be considered important about each client.

Afterward, you get the plus, which is being able to access this whole information from anywhere, any device connected to the platform.

Finally, there is the possibility to generate personalized follow-ups that allow your company to take care of each client's needs separately without spending a lifetime on them.

Keap Mobile App: You have the world in the reach of your fingers, and if not the world, your whole company, which could count as somewhat the same.

Whether you've been sitting on your desk all day, or rather are taking a free day trip to Mexico escapade, you can still log in and control everything that's going on back at your small businesses with one finger movement. And as you might have heard, integrations are not a problem: be it iOS or Android, get to enjoy the Keap mobile app from every desktop.

"The Keap mobile app lets me run my business from my phone. You can send appointment links for lightning-fast response to prospective or current clients after calls."
— Lisa Yee-Litzenberg, GCDF

Keap Sales Pipeline: No more sad spreadsheets in your company's life. With the Sales pipeline, we can see the whole picture; move clients among the three categories of success: leads, qualifying, and won. These additional features allow you and your employees not only to see the progress of your client wallet but also as a reminder and an opportunity to follow up on the former lists of leads and close deals. Sales automation can make your and your workers' lives easier with a sample way to implement a repeatable sales process.

Keap Payments: It has never been easier for small businesses to receive and keep track of their payments. Keap allows clients to pay you automatically. The sales team can happily move on to something more challenging than keeping track of payments.

Keap Reporting & Analytics: The only way to know if your business is really growing is to be able to look at a report that shows its development through time, and this is also possible as one of Keap's features; it recollects and shows you all the data you need to see your company's progress and make important and therefore necessary smart decisions on its behalf.

B2B Management: Enhance your business-to-business interaction and bring your company to the top. The client management platform can even allow you to categorize other companies and therefore being able to produce content (messages and marketing campaigns) designed just for them.

keap crm

Keap Pricing Plans

Now that we have seen the many ways in which you can benefit from Keap, let's get to the interesting part of our Keap review.

Let's study the Keap Pricing Plans.

There are three versions of the app to suit every company size: Lite, Pro, and Max.

Each one of the Keap plans offers an All-In-One Sales and Service Solution targeted to satisfy the needs of different customers: Small Businesses, Midsize Businesses, Medium Businesses, and Larger Companies (enterprises).

Keap Lite pricing : The Keap lite version includes contact management, contact segmentation (tags), contact lists, filters, and saved searches, Tasks, Forms, and B2B management features. The actual price is just $79/month, starting with 500 users per month.

Keap Pro Pricing :  The Keap Pro version includes all the previous features plus a landing page builder, which basically allows you to create customizable and user-friendly pages to keep track of your sales, your customer-business interaction, and generate personalized opt-in forms. You can get all this  for a $169/month payment.

Keap Max Pricing : The Keap Max version includes all the previous features, plus lead scoring, which can really help save lives by automating marketing campaigns for users likely to buy. This plan goes at $199/month.

The Keap Pro and Keap Max plans are without any doubt the best suit for your business if you want advanced marketing software with business marketing automation. If you want to better understand their offer, I suggest you visit this page where you can check the Keap Pricing and also sign up for free with their Keap Free Trial Offer.

Keap integrations:

If you want to integrate Keap with other tools, you'll be happy to know that there are already plenty of native integrations. Keap will let you easily integrate your account with some of the most popular marketing tools out there, such as:

keap features

Keap Pros and Cons

According to several Keap reviews, the software is still raw in some of its features compared to other marketing platforms, as in social media integration or landing pages. But given that it offers one of the most advanced marketing experiences out there, with an outstanding outcome for marketing teams, sales reps, and all your business sales activities.

It has a lot of features that can help you to maximize your customer engagement and customer satisfaction, your online marketing efforts, and marketing ROI: all-in-one CRM, client management, marketing automation, visual campaign builder, sales automation, automation builder, email builder, advanced automation features, advanced pipeline features, sales reports, and much more...

This seems to be just one click away!

All Keap pricing plans include:

  • Online CRM Software & Client Communication
  • Contact management
  • Advanced Sales and Marketing Automation Sequence
  • Email Marketing Tools and Email Automation
  • Electronic Payments (Credit card or Paypal)
  • Basic Automation features
  • Email tracking software
  • Lead capture to grow your email lists
  • Mobile access to all your plan's features with the mobile app
  • Unlimited emails
  • Data migration support
  • Top-rated support
  • One-Time Payments and Recurring Payments
  • Appointment Scheduling and Appointment Management


The Keap Pro and Max Plans will give you the super-powers with these extra features:

  • Pipeline automation
  • Pipeline reports
  • Customizable reports
  • Customizable forms
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Scoring for engagement tracking
  • Sales funnels
  • Checkout forms
  • One-click upsell and cross-sell


And much more!

Well, in this Keap Review we highlighted all the amazing features of this All-In-One Marketing Platform Software and Sales CRM Software.

If you don't still believe in the amazing power of marketing and sales automation, well you can check this Keap case study where they'll show you how this guy grew its sales by 800% in just one year using Keap!

The real truth is that Keap is a First Class Sales Solution for every business with many useful features and integration connections to help you run your business smoothly with a unique software tool.

If you didn't try it yet, the best thing you can do right now is to Try Keap For Free and dig a bit into it until you'll start feeling the positive experience vibes. And if for some reason, you won't fall in love with Keap, you still have other solutions to check out there.


Keap Alternatives

For those interested to compare Keap features with some other similar solutions available, there are also several other Sales CRM software and Keap alternatives, with similar features:


Keap Review Conclusions

As small business owners, we can get overwhelmed with an immense quantity of work and responsibilities, and as we said before, sometimes hiring more people to take care of tasks is not necessarily the best option, mostly because humans are flawed, and it takes a lot of time and money to fully train a human being not to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Keap support will keep both your company and your workers from falling into the mess that normally forms. If you have any issues, you can always talk to the Keap customer service.

Keap is an intuitive solution, one of the most innovative software tools in the market, a truly All-In-One Service, and it is part of the top 10 best software for CRM and automation. And it looks more like a big family than a company, since it offers a Keap certified partner program with many opportunities in software training, coaching, and having a commerce web among all of the partners (companies).

After doing this Keap review, we honestly think that Keap is definitely worth a shot!

We truly hope our review will help you to make your decision, either for jumping into the Keap world or deciding to go with one of these alternatives above. Now the best thing you can do to drive growth to your business and your sales processes, it's try it by yourself with this Keap Special Offer for the new subscribers and see if it's the right choice for you!

Alternative Software

Keap Reviews

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Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign go beyond email creation, offering everything from a landing page builder to marketing automation. So which one triumphs ?
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Ease of use :
Mailchimp : Incredibly simple, with lots of guided help
ActiveCampaign : Steep learning curve (but lots of advanced features)
Customization :
Mailchimp : Basic customization for most features
ActiveCampaign : Anything you want to customize, you can
Marketing automation :
Mailchimp : Customer journey-based automations, solid email automations, basic A/B testing
ActiveCampaign : Advanced automation and testing for email, SMS, and website; see multiple automations on one map
Pricing :
Mailchimp : Free tier available; highest plan assumes 10,000 contacts
ActiveCampaign : No free tier available, but you get more bang for your buck
So in the end, as a conclusion..
Mailchimp is simpler - and better for newbies to email marketing.
but if you’re in the game, ActiveCampaign gives you more tools and range to play with.

wich service to whom ? :
Choose Mailchimp if:
Your budget is $0 and You're just getting started with email marketing
Choose ActiveCampaign if:
You’re looking for advanced features – marketing automation, CRM, list management, and so on – and have the budget for it, then ActiveCampaign without hesitation.
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Rated 3 out of 5

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Keap Reviews

Rated 3 out of 5
3 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)
Very good30%

One of the best All-In-One CRM and Sales Software
Top-rated support
Sales Pipeline Automation
Ongoing new features releases
A lot of useful free training material
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